Ruian Chengtai Hydraulic Machinery Factory to Exhibit at Sin

24 Feb 2013, 13:42 Sinocorrugated

Ruian Chengtai Hydraulic Machinery Factory to Exhibit at SinoFoldingCarton 2013
Ruian Chengtai Hydraulic Machinery Factory is an outstanding manufacturer ing company with over 20 years of experience in making hydraulic machines. Its major product is the deep-embossed refraction press machine.

The machinedevice is used in the surface treatment of box packaging for cosmetics, gifts, drugs, cigarettes, wines, teas and handbags. Chengtai’s press is significantly more efficient in lowering production costs than rival products. The press is easy and quick to operate and the frequency converter controls and adjusts the press’s its working speed. The machine also makes high quality products by embossing intricate patterns onto gold or silver cardboard.

Traditionally, to form concave and convex patterns, the pressing craft process has involved used the method of embossing and ragging the use of crinkled paperto form concave and convex patterns. The workflow is simple: put dried, flat raw paper into the press for it to to be cut roll into the rolls reels, under the pressure of from two rollers. One of the rollers has the a embossing pattern template carved into it, so the paper ends up embossed with that pattern. The paper is usually single-sided as the texturethe embossed pattern runsis very deep.

Chengtai will exhibit its latest deep-embossed refraction press machine at SinoFoldingCarton 2013. The advantage of this model over traditional ones is that it doesn’t use oil-based ink and is therefore more environment- friendly. The press can create a variety of printing effects, including refraction patterns, frosted patterns, frosted flowers, laser grains and 3-D animation.

SinoFoldingCarton is China’s only professional commerce and trade platform for folding carton post press equipment, consumables, technologies and services. In 2013, SinoFoldingCarton the show will be held at the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center in Dongguan from April 21 to April 23.

Chengtai welcomes all visitors to come to its stand and assess, first hand, its top quality hydraulic machines.

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