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1 Apr 2013, 9:20 Joyce1988

Chinese RHCM has got high expansion in RHCM high-gloss molding industry.High-tech RHCM is to solve the problem of difficult welding line, flow mark for common molding.But,how the RHCM works? Sinomould offers the answer for you. Chinese RHCM,RHCM high-gloss molding,high-tech RHCM,RHCM of mold RHCM China.
The technology Principle of RHCM mold :when RHCM mold surface temperature reachs to plastic heat distortion temperature, then inject plastic.Between injection molding process,RHCM mold temperature remains the same. After the completion of injection,RHCM mold's temperature drops gradually and then removing products,Before the next injection processing starting,RHCM mold quickly heats.All in all ,RHCM mold is a rapid heating and cooling equipment
RHCM mold has higher requirements for temperature (general for 90 ℃-130 ℃ ), so,the mold steel material must be chosen well,general using NAK80,GEST80 and S136.and the high-gloss plastic we always use is PC, ABS+PC, PC+PMMA, ABS+PMMA, PC+GF.The layout of waterline is a important factor for high-gloss mold,the waterline must be designed evenly to make sure the temperature transmits rapidly.
If you feel interested in the high-tech RHCM molding, or just want a high-gloss mould ,welcome to contact us.

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