Reed Exhibitions, Sgs-Cstc Standards Technical Services Comb

24 Feb 2013, 13:40 Sinocorrugated

Reed Exhibitions, SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Combine to Boost Global Packaging Industry’s Green Development
--SinoCorrugated 2013 Global Packaging Summit Forum to Explore Sustainability Requirements and Solutions

With the rapid development of the commodity economy, demand for products is on the rise. Product packaging influences customer choice. Good packaging, with strong branding, can make items more attractive. As such, packaging companies have an excellent opportunity to expand their business.

However, the manufacture of packaging consumes a large amount of environmental resources and produces a lot of waste. Many packaging materials have an excess of heavy metals and other environmentally harmful substances. As green concerns gain a higher profile, so customer awareness is rising. Confronted with increasing white pollution, many countries have introduced new regulations for packaging materials, especially with regards to permissible levels of harmful substances, required recycling rates and labeling standards.

Most packaging companies must learn about the global regulations for harmful substances in packaging materials and take measures to comply with these. Today’s packaging companies are following this green trend to minimize risk and create new selling points. The market now prefers green packaging – a trend set to sustain for the foreseeable future.

As the world’s largest corrugated packaging manufacturing event, SinoCorrugated has long promoted environment friendly packaging. Now the organizers, Reed Exhibitions, are transforming the show into a world-class, green, trade event.

At SinoCorrugated 2013, Reed and SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services will combine in an effort to boost global packaging industry’s green development. A Global Packaging Summit Forum will be collocated with the exhibition to explore sustainability requirements and corporate solutions.

Dr. Liu Lei, Senior Technology Director of SGS’s Test Service Department of Hazardous Substances in Scientific and Electronic Products will deliver a powerful presentation on-site. Dr. Liu has extensive experience in research of environment pollutants, as well as in the recognition, use, analysis and control of chemical substances in the electronics industry. He has long been dedicated to researching dynamic analysis and application solutions for global regulations on harmful substances, RoHS, REACH projects and solutions of new hazardous substances.

During the Global Packaging Summit Forum, Dr. Liu will speak on three areas: the rise of green trends in the packaging industry; typical green requirements for global packaging materials; and the influence of green requirements on packaging companies, as well as solutions thereto.

Dr. Liu will introduce the new green packaging standards now applicable in China, the US and the EU. He will also share his ideas on best practice and manufacturing/processing solutions.

Through SinoCorrugated 2013, Reed Exhibitions and SGS will take a leading role in the packaging industry’s green drive. Through the Forum, packaging companies will gain a deeper knowledge of the new global standards for green packaging materials. This knowledge will allow them to set up effective measures to meet the challenge of greater environment friendliness and realize sustainable development.

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