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1 Oct 2010, 11:22 Ycxmould

We're China based manufacturer of precision plastic injection molds, injection mould design and engineering, injection mould tooling, production plastic mould.

Utilizing the latest technology in solid modeling software, CAD/CAM software and machine tools, we deliver worldwide the highest level of quality available, and service all major markets including (but not limited to) electronics, consumer, home product, medical, and automotive.

We have around 500 workers in Dongguan in southern China . Our plants have ISO 9001 accreditation and TS16949 in recognition of their conformity to the highest quality standards.

1 Nov 2011, 12:31 JMEMolds

Do you only provide injection molds?

Vacuum Forming Mold | Thermoforming Mold

1 Nov 2011, 12:32 JMEMolds

Or do you provide other molds too?

Vacuum forming mold | Thermoforming Mold

23 Dec 2014, 7:12 Foxconnmold

NCH Precision provided undertakes metal stamping,plastics,die-cast,automobile and other precision molds.

Welcome to consult.

29 Dec 2015, 7:03 Edwardbrooks

hey Foxconnmold,

Reputable manufacturing company with great knowledge producing high quality plastic injection moulding.It uses a combined system of mutual order and quality database.. 

It has a wide range of precision injection moulding which are feeded by automated material feeding systems to speed up the process..

The production process is again speed up by using robotic machines to reduce production times which make us able to offer very competitive prices...

3 Aug 2016, 13:18 Johnsmith

Nowadays, there are lots of reputed companies available on the web, which producing high quality plastic injection moulding. We just need to explore the web.

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