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5 Dec 2014, 10:27 Foxconnmold

Ningchuan Metalware Co.,Ltd (NCH) is a collection of plastic mold design, plastic injection mold manufacturing and processing as one of the service-oriented enterprises. R & D and manufacturing company specializing in the production of the phone shell, medical equipment, auto parts and other shell-based plastic products and plastic mold and plastic products 20 years of experience, crafted, create a fine, strong development capabilities. Corporate Headquarters Baoshan located in Shenzhen, precision plastic mold factory has a complete and scientific quality management system. The company also produces precision molds in Europe and America. NCH absorption, digestion and development, plastic products are maturing, gradually increase production, mold technology increasingly skilled, stable product quality, excellent quality, reasonable price, warm and thoughtful service, more to the "honesty, innovation and enterprise," the purpose, honest and reliable reputation, won the favor of the industry.

Our company is a professional services on behalf of the production of precision plastic mold factory, the strength and quality of products recognized by the industry, highlights the leading position in the industry, market share and strong. Welcome friends from Shenzhen precision plastic mold factory visit, guidance and business negotiation, can one have any questions call our national 24-hour toll-free telephone consultation. The company under adhere to the "customer first, excellence,, energy saving and environmental protection, quality first, reputation first" management philosophy of "people-oriented" business philosophy, recruit talent, use of modern management mode, expand production, and promote the rapid growth of the enterprise at the same time. Always keep in mind to improve staff quality, to create high-quality corporate culture. The company adhering to the "quality of survival, reputation and development" business purposes, continuing a gradual, continuous innovation to meet customer demand for new product development. Improve the mechanism for companies, organizations sound, advanced production equipment and processes of science. All employees within the company uphold "honesty, quality first, customer first, technological innovation, excellence" quality to meet the different needs of customers. Market innovation as fundamental to scientific and technological innovation as the basis, the company adhere to the principle. Good reputation, reasonable price, perfect service is the company's commitment to every new and old customers. Your support is our confidence, your satisfaction is our pursuit. Wholeheartedly with the majority of old and new, with your hand in hand into the new areas.

Our partner companies have years of experience and high-end equipment. Full service concept is much more than just after the product is delivered, but throughout the whole process of business management, all the programs, procedures, processes, production, provisions were around customer-centric and develop, because we are convinced : Customer satisfaction is our honor.

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