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1 Jul 2013, 12:26 Joyce1988

There are many plastic injection machine factory in China, and they devoted themselves to offer plastic injection machine in high quality and high performance. And these plastic injection machine maker try the best to develop new technology to attract customers.
New technology one: Hybrids injection machine with oil and electrical running system
New technology two: Two plates injection machine, this kinds of machine saves much space for the machine and required highly in injection machine clamping unit.
New technology three: Multi color injection – standard injection machine changed into double color or more color, this kinds of injection machine is much suitable for the customers who owns standard injection machine , but they want to make double color products, adding a injection unit, single color turns into double color.
Dakumar injection machine can offer the injection machine with new technology, if you want to find a plastic injection machines factory who can offer you new idea and advanced technology, pls kindly contact Dakumar.
By Joyce
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