Plastic Thermoforming

4 Jan 2011, 3:50 Shirley

It just like the blister packing, which used for various industries such as food, medicine, toy, hardware, etc.. Blister packing has become a favorite choice for marketing. It combines a high perceived product value with a low cost packaging proposition. Blister packaging is most popular as a consumer retail packaging solution as it displays a product or products clearly to the consumer but still provides the security of a theft resistant package.
Any product that is small in size and is a consumer retail item is perfect for blister packaging. Some of the items we have blister packed include:
• Hardware
• Tools
• Toys
• Personal care products
• Cosmetics
• Food

13 Sep 2011, 17:28 JMEMolds

Is this a thermoforming forum?
Thermoforming | Vacuum form tooling

14 Sep 2011, 14:40 Justyna_l

This section of the forum is dedicated to the thermoforming issues. If you want to represent your business, I invite you to the Business Directory section where you can add the company.

22 Nov 2012, 9:56 Joyce1988

Hello, dear friends:

like the egg plate, disposable food box is made by thermoforming technology.

3 Jan 2013, 8:39 Karenmcmillan

Excellent examples of thermoformed trays.

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