POM molding
Injection Moulding

26 Jul 2013, 15:33 Joyce1988

When you use to injection products, please pay more attention to POM injection molding knowledge.
POM, commonly is known as plastic steel, is a kind of plastic raw material which is suitable for making precise instrument, some moving parts need durable and stable dimension, like gears.
POM injection molding specification:
Specific gravity 1.41-1.43 g / cc, injection Molding shrinkage:1.2 to 3.0%,injection molding temperature: 170-200 ℃, drying conditions 80-90 ℃/ 2 hours
During POM injection molding, should pay more attention to manage the injection molding temperature because POM was easily thermally decomposed, POM material cannot be stayed in injection machine barrel too long, otherwise it will be easily burned, even to yellowing. If POM thermally decomposed, melting gas will corrode nozzle and flange contact point ministries. So , the material for nozzle ,barrel and screw must be corrosion resistant when you choose injection machine for POM materials.
By Miss Joyce

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