Offer hybrid injection molding machine

1 Jul 2013, 12:38 Joyce1988

The advantages of our Hybrid injection molding machine:
1. 5H sereis machine, the machine size is bigger then normal machine.
for example 5H 200TON is similar size as 260TON normal machine size.
2. Five marketing points:
-High speed.
-High precision.
-High energy saving
-High recycle ability.
-High safety.
5H machine WHY high speed?
-3 actions doing in the same time. a. plastisizing b. mold opening c. mold ejection.
-High speed injection.
-High speed mold closing and opening.
-High speed ejection.
Why 5H machine is more expensive then normal machine?
-Clamping system is much strong then normal machine, as because we need high pressure high speed injection.
-Machine frame (base) is much stronger, because the clamping plate will open can closing in very high speed, so it need heavy and strong base to support such high speed moving.
-hydraulic system is much more complex, we need increase many high level valves.
-because need precision and high speed injection, we have to use servo motor for plasticizing system.

By Miss Joyce

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