Nanhai Dongfang Show New Products at SinoCorrugated 2011

20 Dec 2010, 15:35 Sinocorrugated

Nanhai Dongfang to Showcase New Products at SinoCorrugated 2011

Nanhai Dongfang Carton Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer of corrugated carton-printing equipment. The company will unveil new products at SinoCorrugated 2011, an event to be held between April 6 and April 9 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

Nanhai Dongfang strives to be a world leader in making corrugated carton-printing equipment. Each product is designed and manufactured in accordance with European industry standards. Its extensive range of high-end printer slotter die-cutting machines are the most efficient in the industry. This machinery also boasts the highest volume of domestic sales.

Currently, products made by Nanhai Dongfang predominantly fall into two categories: printer slotter die-cutting machines which feature the printing roll above the cardboard (vacuum delivery and non-vacuum delivery, both can be equipped with scraper and ink-feeding systems) and printer slotter die-cutting machines which feature the printing roll below the cardboard.

The company's continuous innovation in technology and unremitting pursuit of quality exemplifies how China has the capacity to develop and manufacture its own corrugated carton-printing equipment. The products Nanhai Dongfang develops fill gaps in China's carton packaging equipment manufacturing industry, which makes the company a pioneer and a successful case study for the domestic trade.

Nanhai Dongfang has always believed that the most effective way for carton factories to improve efficiency and cut costs is to produce equipment that performs consistently and has a low failure rate. Therefore, even at the beginning of the R & D phase, functional effectiveness and stability are primary considerations. This approach helps reduce the equipment failure rate and cuts repair costs.

Currently, Nanhai Dongfang has established an extensive international marketing and service network that provides services for over 30 countries and regions. It has established long-term strategic relationships with renowned local and international carton packaging groups. Nanhai Dongfang ranks among the top five corrugated carton-printing equipment manufacturers in the world.

Friendly and efficient customer service is an important feature of high quality products. This includes service at the pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale stage. Nanhai Dongfang's exacting standards help improve its staff's awareness of customers' requirements and help the company build strong relationships. These efficient customer relations, in turn, engender long-term customer loyalty.

Nanhai Dongfang respects each employee and seeks to develop the core talents of individual workers, as well as overall team capabilities. It provides staff with opportunities for career advancement and fosters a happy working environment so that employees feel inspired to pursue excellence in their work.

The company ensures that operation procedures and work standards are comprehensively observed by educating staff at every level. The operation of each department and role of each position is clear. Therefore, standards and efficiency are not affected by changes in personnel.

Nanhai Dongfang has a great vision for the future. With the continuing increase of labor costs, as well as frequent industry upgrades, competition in the domestic carton industry will continue to intensify. Industry consolidation and scale production will be an inevitable result. A high degree of automation, fast speed, stable performance and low power consumption will be the primary requirements by buyers of corrugated carton equipment. In the face of these conditions, Nanhai Dongfang will strive to create value for customers and lead the way in industry development trends.

Nanhai Dongfang has exhibited at each SinoCorrugated show since 2001. “Every SinoCorrugated event organized by Reed Exhibitions serves as a platform for domestic and international communication and contributes greatly to the industry“, said a senior Nanhai Dongfang executive.

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