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21 Feb 2014, 7:03 Sinocorrugated

Low Carbon Environment Protection and Green Flexography Packaging——Dongguan Yihua Flexible Technology to Show at SinoCorrugated South 2014

Flexography has a unique combination of flexibility and economic efficiency. It is beneficial to the environment and compliant with hygiene standards for food packaging printing materials . This also why the flexography process worldwide is developing so rapidly.

In China's current industrial climate, offset and gravure printing occupy a large market share in the packaging industry . By comparison, flexographic technology got a relatively late start. Although the former has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, there is still a gap between flexography and advanced international technology.

In recent years, Dongguan Yihua Flexible Technology has dedicated itself to improving the quality of flexography. In early 2013, the Company started using the Kodak Flexcel NX plate making equipment. After installation and debugging the machine functioned efficiently. Within a single year, the company’s sales volume doubled. Moreover, the number of color plates actually tripled. On August 16, the Kodak - Yihua Flexography Plate Making Technology Seminar was held in Dongguan. In an interview, the company’s GM, Qiu Dong, talked about Yihua’s focus on flexographic plate making.

Two Decades of Experience in Flexographic Plate Making

In the early 1990s, the development of the printing industry in Guangdong was the country’s most rapid. As was the adoption of new technologies and equipment. However, flexography was new to China at that time. Flexographic plate making technology in particular was considered a novelty that had been mastered by foreign-funded companies based in places like Hong Kong and Singapore.

During that time, a teenage Qiu Dong joined the plate making department of a printing packaging company - his first ever job. Since then, he has developed a strong bond with the flexographic plate making field, devoting his whole career to it. Mr. Qiu founded his own company in 1994, having accumulated enough experience to successfully operate his own business. Entrepreneurial challenges have been interspersed with extraordinary achievements and huge changes in flexographic plate making technology. Today, Dongguan Yihua Flexible Technology is one of Guangdong’s best known flexographic plate making companies.

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