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12 Aug 2014, 5:02 Sinocorrugated

International Corrugated Case Association to Include SinoCorrugated 2015 Visit in Global Summit

One of the world’s most renowned trade organizations, the International Corrugated Case Association (ICCA), formed in 1961, recently announced that the 2015 ICCA/WCO (World Containerboard Organization) Global Summit, will be held from April 13 – 17, 2015 . As well as its first stop in Taipei, the Summit tour will also make a stop in Shanghai to be collocated with SinoCorrugated 2015, the largest business platform for the global corrugated manufacturing industry.

The first ever edition of this corrugated show, in which 171 exhibitors took part, was held in 2001. This number has since skyrocketed, attracting over three times that number when it welcomed more than 600 exhibitors to its 2013 edition. As a result of its global participants and the large numbers of international stakeholders, it has become the highest profile corrugated industry event and an accurate marker of development.

During the ICCA/WCO Global Summit, business leaders from top global corrugated and containerboard companies like DS Smith, Smurfit Kappa, RockTenn and International Paper etc. will convene in Taipei to participate in what is set to be the most significant event for years to come. Subsequent to that, together with other globally leading industry associations like the Association of Independent Corrugated Converters (AICC), the Asociación de Corrugadores del Caribe, Centro y Sur América (ACCCSA), the European Corrugated Packaging Association (FEFCO) and the Fibre Box Association (FBA), they will fly to Shanghai to join SinoCorrugated 2015.

The wide array of Summit topics will cover the outlook of global containerboard demand, drivers for a global economic recovery, innovations in corrugated manufacturing, captivating displays and a fresh look inside the Chinese economy. Furthermore, during their stay in Shanghai, a city tour, Chung Loong Paper Holdings Limited Factory Tour and a gala event will be held to celebrate the largest ever gathering of world class business leaders at SinoCorrugated 2015.

The ICCA forecasts that annual growth in China’s corrugated industry will hover around 7 % from 2014 to 2016 and corrugated production volumes are estimated to reach 64.1 million sqm in 2015. China is now the largest corrugated region thanks to the country’s sheer scale and high-growth rates that make it a significant contributor to the world’s corrugated industry growth. The strategic partnership between SinoCorrugated 2015 and the ICCA will further enhance the show’s value by bringing international standard business leaders together. The show will be a unique platform via which to expand your share of the world's fastest growing market. It will also offer the best return on participants’ marketing investment.

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