How to identify a good injection mold manufacture?
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25 Dec 2014, 2:04 Foxconnmold

First of all, you need to spend some time to understand the daily problems the mold supplier faces like hot runner mold problems. Click here to lear more about hot runner mold.


The prices of the mold are fixed according to the new projects with good reasons. You can start to make money as soon as possible if the pay back period is quicker. But you need to be careful of the nidden cost that is relevant with purchasing cheap injection mold--especially from lowcost country (LCC). The price of LCC's mold could be much more cheaper with 70% than those westurn countries, like Australia, which might seem to be very attractive at the beginning. However, there won't be any saving if the real cost is calculated in some time under this circumstance. Ad a matter of fact, you might lose your money due to continuous quality problem and slow cycle length.

Please to know about NCH high-quality mold manufacturer.

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