How to choose clamping unit
Injection Moulding

1 Jul 2013, 12:25 Joyce1988

Injection machine clamping unit is an important component of the injection molding machine,and its function is to achieve mould opening and closing movements, and then make mold close to generate the system elastic deformations to achieve clamping force, and lock the injection moulds.
Here Dakumar update the requirements for injection machine clamping components:
1. Moving template plate should open and closing with high-speed, stable, quiet;
2. Clamping mechanism must meet the requirements of nominal clamping force, reliable locking the injection mold;
3. Clamping unit has enough space for mould and mould opening stroke.
4. Movement should be reliable and set double insurance to secure personal protection and safety of molds,
5. Injection machine clamping components should has sufficient strength and rigidity.
A injection machine clamping units is combined by clamping template, clamping mechanism, mould adjusting device, protective devices, ejection device and other small components. If you want to choose a good injection machine with a qualified clamping units, pls kindly contact Dakumar.

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