Honeycomb Paper Enjoys a New Lease on Life

21 Feb 2014, 7:08 Sinocorrugated

Honeycomb Paper Enjoys a New Lease on Life---SinoCorrugated South 2014 to Host Dedicated Honeycomb Paper Zone

In the honeycomb paper industry, paper-based materials are used as raw materials to produce honeycomb-shaped composites. As the main alternative to packaging materials like wood and EPS foamed plastic, honeycomb paper is an emerging branch in the packaging industry. Thanks to it special advantages and features, it has become a growing industry focus. In recent years, honeycomb paper materials are not only growing in use in paper container packaging, but also extensively across the building materials, furniture, door, and window material industries. As the application scope continues to expand, honeycomb paper materials are garnering more attention from within the packaging industry. Against this backdrop, SinoCorrugated South 2014’ s honeycomb paper zone is a timely new feature. It is China’s first display platform of honeycomb paper products and will explore future development trends in the industry.

Honeycomb paper is a new type of sandwich-structured, energy saving composite. The raw material used to make corrugated paper is glued into hollow, hexagonal structures to form a whole load-carrying paper core. Surface paper is pasted on both sides of it. Because it is lightweight, inexpensive, high strength and recoverable, honeycomb cardboard is popular, especially in developed countries like the Netherlands, the United States and Japan. This new type of green packaging can save resources and conserve the environment.

Currently, the Honeycomb Paper Market is Mature, Stable and High-Level

China’s honeycomb paper technology did not start at a high level. However, the introduction of advanced foreign technologies, combined with nearly 20 years of research and development, has spurred the advancement of industry technology. Today, fifth and sixth generation honeycomb cardboard production equipment has successfully been developed. With certain production capacity, an entire industry has emerged with products such as raw and auxiliary materials, production equipment, honeycomb cardboard, pallets, packaging boxes, building materials decorations, furniture and liner plates.

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