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8 Feb 2012, 3:00 Joyce1988

:D Hi,I am Joyce from China,a salesman comes from SINOMOULD(WWW.SINOMOULD.COM),Our company is majored in plastic moulds and injection molding machine.
I have been working here for a few months,bofore that I am student from HUNAN International Economics University.Anyone of you want to visit China,contact me,I would like to be your guidance and show Chinese traditional hospitality etiquette!
Welcome to China,Welcome to Sinomould.

8 Feb 2012, 7:57 Justyna_l

Welcome to Plastech Joyce

10 Feb 2012, 11:47 Joyce1988

:D ,I am fresher here,and want to make more fiends about plastic and plastic moulds through this platform.We can learn from each other and make progress each other.

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