Guangzhou Suentek to Promote Own Innovations at SinoFoldingC

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Guangzhou Suentek to Promote Own Innovations at SinoFoldingCarton 2013
Guangzhou Suentek Software Corporation is an esteemed provider of printing ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions. It’s also one of the companies responsible for setting the printing and packaging industry’s informatization system standards. In 2004, the printing website invited 20 of the top 100 printing companies in Guangdong to join the “Plan to Improve Guangdong Printing Industry’s Competitive Power”. As one of the 20 companies, Suentek helped to set the standards of the industrial informatization system.

After the plan was formally launched, Suentek visited a lot of companies in 2004 and 2005, looking for ways these companies could innovate for themselves, and doing scientific analysis on the traditional ERP and self-made systems. As a pioneer in innovation, Suentek has learned valuable lessons on informatization management, based on experience, and developed its own system that is affordable and easy to use for medium and small enterprises.

In 2010, Suentek published a report on the results of informatization projects in the “Plan to Improve Guangdong Printing Industry’s Competitive Power”. The report was published in Guangdong, Guangxi, Zhejiang, Liaoning, Yunnan and Jiangxi Provinces, to the delight of the industry.

The report analyzed the features of Suentek’s system in detail. The system is based on two standards, the data/voucher chain and the automation of data transfer. After satisfying these two standards, information-based management will have complete data, accurate statements and full reports on materials storage, product storage, costs and profits.

Thanks to this excellent information management system, Suentek is already the partner of nearly 70 enterprises.

From August 21 to 23, Suentek Software will promote its innovations at SinoFoldingCarton 2013, which will be held at the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center in Dongguan. This trade event is China’s only commercial platform to display post-press equipment, consumables, technologies and services for the folding carton industry. Suentek will also showcase the full range of its capabilities, including some surprises for visitors. Thanks to the company’s efforts in informatization, China’s printing industry is on its way to becoming one of the world’s key printing industrial bases.

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