Guangdong Wanlian Packaging Machinery at SinoCorrugated 2011

20 Dec 2010, 15:33 Sinocorrugated

Guangdong Wanlian Packaging Machinery to Exhibit at SinoCorrugated 2011

In the beautiful Zhujiang River Delta, Guangdong Wanlian Packaging Machinery can be found in the Shunde Beiyao Industry Zone. After more than a decade of endeavor, the company has become a packaging machinery manufacturer that combines R & D, manufacturing, sales and service. Its main business is manufacturing large, integrated sets of corrugators and it has a sales network that spans China. The company has passed ISO9001 and 2008 quality certification and has a firm reputation for being a high-tech enterprise.

Since its establishment in 1994, Wanlian's development has been steady. When the start-up was first founded, its main business was corrugated rolls. In 1998, it started to produce single facers and other supporting equipment for corrugators. Then, in 2001, it installed its first corrugator on-site for a customer. This was followed by further success in 2003, when it began to develop and manufacture the production line and further its R&D, design, process control and production service programs.

This solid developmental progress can be attributed to the fact that the company strives, in all things, to be professional and focused. When the corrugated machinery manufacturing industry experienced a boom, and many factories were tempted to haphazardly diversify, Wanlian stuck to its principles of professionalism and unwavering focus in manufacturing high speed, high efficiency, energy saving cardboard production machinery. For the foreseeable future, Wanlian will continue along this production path. It is this approach that has made the company's corrugators, in all their varieties and serializations, a symbol of high quality.

The global financial crisis that began in 2008 slowed down the market. As the effects of this turmoil subside, low-carbon trends are providing new opportunities. Wanlian believes that, in the future, corrugators will be the new production lines with intelligent and integrated supporting equipment of high performance and reliability for their price. In a highly volatile environment, Wanlian retains its belief that "a critical mind is the best creator" to maintain high quality in its manufacturing. Wanlian staff consistently strive to create the best corrugators in China. The way to open up new business is to track the corrugated cardboard product market, develop production technology for the production of low weight high intensity corrugated cardboard and make new corrugators. Wanlian is a determined company. We don't just follow the pack. Nor do we waver from the principles we believe to be right.

Manufacturing high quality machinery and participating in exhibitions are Wanlian's two primary ways of gaining market share. At SinoCorrugated 2009, the company's equipment stood out because of its high efficiency and quality. At SinoCorrugated 2011, to be held between April 6 and April 9, 2011 at Shanghai New International Expo Center, we plan to repeat this feat.

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