Erema celebrates its 25 year

16 Apr 2008, 0:00 Plastech

This year the 14th of April marks a special anniversary for Erema, the Upper Austrian manufacturer of plastics recycling systems, looking back on a very successful 25 years of company history. What began 25 years ago, with the daring and the idea of three plastics engineers can today more or less be said to be the global standard in the innovative and cost-effective recycling of thermoplastic waste to form high quality secondary raw materials of a grade similar to that of virgin material. Erema celebrates its 25 year read>>

13 Feb 2012, 8:31 *.230.216.60

I tghuhot it was over the top when my dad washes the recyclables, but now I see why he does it! I always rinse mine, and will definitely pay more attention to what I recycle.

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