Digital marketing and cross functional relations?

12 Dec 2018, 17:37 Micheallois00

Modern digital technologies are altering the way business engage in almost every industry. Though a handful of industries will be transformed as entirely as the industrial machinery, where digital technologies are transforming the way products are purchased and sold. Equipment’s are dramatically transformed, even in some cases spreading from the piece of machinery that is less often maintained and upgraded to whole service both requiring and taking advantage of automated updates to enhance performance

Rushing to the market is not all the time necessary, but the industrial machinery company leaders focus on how to accustom their business models to modernize and emphasize within no time. Cross-functional association becomes necessary as it allows consumer insights to flow to the points where they can deliver the highest value. The critical systems of data often flow at different paces, but they are all moving towards the same digital goals. Do you believe digitalization will enhance cross functional relations? 

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