Development Status of Injection Mold
Commodity Plastics

20 Dec 2014, 6:39 Foxconnmold

Custom Plastic Injection is the important technological equipment of producing all sorts of industrial products. With the booming development of plastic mold industry and the popularization and application of plasthetics in aviation, electron, shipping and automobile, there is more and more requirements of products to mold. And the traditional plastic mold design approaches haven't been able to satisfay the demands of upgrading of the products and higher precision.

There are two phases of injection molding, that is develop/design phase (including product design, mold design and mold making) and production phase ( including material purchase, die trial and molding). Before full production, traditional injection molding calls for several die trials after assembled according to the experience of designers and the visual design mold. It requires reinstallation of technological parameters and even modification of the plastic mold products and the design, which will definitely increase the cost of production and prolongs the development period of products.

The plastic mold industry has gained a rapid development for the last 20 years. The annual output of plastics 7 years ago calculated by volume has surpassed the total of the annual output of steel and nonferrous metals. Plastic products have been widely applied in automobile, eletromechanic, instrument and space flight and aviation and other national mainstay industries and all kinds of fields related to the daily life of people. Although there are many methods to manufacture plastic products, the overriding method is injection modling. In the world market of plastic mold, injection molding makes up more than half of the output of plastic forming dies.

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