Classification of Injection Mold Processing Technic
Injection Moulding

19 Dec 2014, 8:39 Foxconnmold

Injection mold is one of the plastic mold. According to the processing technic, mold can be classified to be: extrusion process, injection molding and slush molding.

Application of injection mold:
Injection molding can only manufacture those stationay with a certain shape. For example, injection molding can produce mobile phone shells, bowls and computer shells etc.
Extrusion process is to extrude and produce within the scope of cross-sectional shape. The length could be infinite. For example, tubular products, proximate matter, panels and sheets, those are mabe by extrusion process.

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10 Dec 2015, 12:41 Edwardbrooks

hey foxconnmold,

you are absolutely right about processing of injection moulding... I think with the help of art injection moulding you can mould like semi or fully automated with pick and place robots and specialised in assembling and printing on plastic products.... Apart from this , some products are difficult to manufacture like high standards product that can be mould with cad system...


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