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China Corrugated Industry Training Week — Exciting Complementary Events Integrated into SinoCorrugated 2013
The leading international showcase for corrugated equipment, consumables and technologies – SinoCorrugated - will hold its 12th edition this year. With its powerful track record of success, the upcoming show, to run at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from April 8 to April 11, will be larger in scale, feature more varieties of exhibits and welcome a higher number of visitors than ever before.

The organizers of SinoCorrugated 2013, Reed Exhibitions, have loaded added value to this year’s showcase by integrating a number of high-energy events. One such activity is the China Corrugated Industry Training Week. This five-day series will include the TAPPI International Seminar, the Reed-Yuanhe Public Lecture, the SGS Global Packaging Summit Forum, the Technical Industry Seminar, the Creative Corrugated Interactive Zone and offsite factory visits.

Show participants will learn about the most advanced equipment in the trade today, about enterprise management and new technologies. At the same time, during the week they will get information on the international packaging industry and markets, product innovations and new commercial opportunities. There will also be a prize draw where one lucky visitor will win a brand new iPad mini.

Every sector along the corrugated packaging industry value chain will have its equipment and consumables amply represented. The Training Week will serve as an effective showcase and channel via which to forge strong professional connections, learn from top trade experts and expand your business.

TAPPI International Seminar
This will be the ideal international platform for visitors to assess, in person, advanced corrugated technologies and learn from global corrugated producers. The seminar is part of the China Corrugated Industry Training Week and will be co-hosted by Reed Exhibitions and the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI).

TAPPI experts like Rick Croker and John Buzzell from Georgia-Pacific, Steve Nerney from MarquipWardUnited, Alan Ives from Kadant Johnson, John Donahue from Donahue & Associates, Greg Close from Jasol Asia-Pacific and Joe Siciliano from Albany International, all well-known figures in the global packaging industry, will be on-site to drive discussion and share their expertise.

The seminar will focus on analyzing best practice in corrugated production, for the benefit of production line operators, factory supervisors, production managers, chief engineers and technical service managers with up to five years’ experience in the field. All lectures will concentrate on the process along corrugated production lines.

Attendees to these talks will learn about testing to TAPPI standards; the theory of corrugated production; insight to the functions and capabilities of various types of equipment, like single-sided machines and corrugator rolls; the application of adhesives; equipment upgrade programs; solutions for defective products; waste control and the automation of corrugated production lines.

Only the first 100 corrugated industry professionals to sign up will be able to join the TAPPI International Seminar, throughout which simultaneous interpretation (English – Chinese) will be available. Reed Exhibitions invites all practitioners of corrugated production to the seminar to learn about advanced technologies, discuss efficient management techniques and gain valuable insights into the current state of the industry.

Reed-Yuanhe Public Lecture
During China Corrugated Industry Training Week, Reed Exhibitions and Shanghai Yuanhe Management and Consulting Company will co-host a lecture.

The first domestic consultancy for the corrugated industry, Yuanhe will run a two-day training course on strategic management, sales management, cost controlling, new factory construction and old factory renovation for paperboard manufacturers, suppliers and other members of the packaging industry.

He Jian, General Manager of China Green Paper Holdings Co., Ltd.; Shen Bingsheng, President of Shanghai Heyuan; Wang Guangzhao, General Manager of Jihua 3534 Hengsen Packaging Company, and Huang Bojue, a Printing Master from Taiwan Culture University, will deliver lectures at the seminar.

A consultation room will be available during the lectures, where authorized experts will be able to address visitors’ questions one-on-one. From production management to technological innovations, these specialists will be able to offer satisfying solutions to any problem. The Reed-Yuanhe Public Lecture will benefit corrugated manufacturers currently facing production challenges.

Early registrants for the lectures will also receive consultancy services from Yuanhe at no charge. This will include a day of free in-factory service for the first 50 applicants, and four free telephone consultancy sessions for the 51st to 100th applicants.

SGS Global Packaging Summit Forum
Today, green packaging and manufacturing are vital trends in the packaging industry. However, there is still an element of mystery around this change. How did it begin? What are the requirements for green packaging? How does green packaging and manufacturing affect businesses? How should companies respond? The answers to these, and many more questions, will be revealed at the SGS Global Packaging Summit Forum.

Doctor Liu Lei from SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services will be on-site to engage with exhibitors and buyers and introduce the green packaging regulations from China, the USA and the EU. Dr. Liu will also propose solutions using real examples. His insights will help companies to better understand green packaging standards and equip them to better deal with the resultant challenges.

Technical Industry Seminar
This seminar will be a rich informational resource where experts and senior managers from exhibiting companies will give speeches on development trends, new products, advanced technologies and important clients. Seminar participants will learn the latest market news and discover the best development solutions for their individual businesses.

Outstanding Exhibits
As the biggest commercial showcase in China and across Asia-Pacific for corrugated equipment suppliers, SinoCorrugated 2013 will host over 600 suppliers who will display more than 1,300 pieces of advanced corrugated equipment and 1,000+ types of consumables. Many exhibitors will use this year’s show to launch new products. Over the years, SinoCorrugated has established itself as the best choice for buyers to evaluate equipment, learn about boosting operational efficiency and see live demos of machinery. Equipment suppliers at the show will be able to provide insights into their machines. They will also be keen to discuss potential cooperation agreements with interested parties.

Creative Corrugated Interactive Zone
This will be a visual treat of a new world of innovative uses for corrugated products. The zone will be interactive and offer entertainment. Entry into the Zone requires pre-registration. After that, visitors can enter the 154sqm area and view new technologies, creative uses for corrugated board and new products. This could be where you find the inspiration to transform your company!

Exhibits in the Creative Corrugated Interactive Zone will include Shanghai Lushun Packaging Machinery’s furniture house, Kunshan Fenghao Packaging’s corrugated cardboard piano, Hangzhou Iecho’s corrugated board race car, the Horauf’s shock-resistant packaging and Shanghai Jinxing Packaging’s waterproof paper box, as well as paper-made furniture and toys from Huagong Huanyuan’s Boye, Huatong, Maison and Hanson Chemical. Inside this fascinating array of useful packaging products, visitors can simultaneously admire the intricate artworks and see the equipment and technologies used to produce them. Your next business opportunity may be right here!

Factory Visits
During SinoCorrugated 2013, Reed Exhibitions will also organize delegations to visit corrugated manufacturing plants in and around Shanghai. There will be varying visiting programs, according to each company’s management modes, scale, technological capability, equipment and cost/quality control measures.

There will be three delegations: The BP Agnati delegation will visit Hangzhou Jiamei International Packaging Company; the Kunshan Xieyang delegation will visit Shanghai Leying Paper Industrial Company; and the Shanghai Dinglong delegation will visit Shanghai Xinqing Packaging Company and Shanghai Yongsheng Packaging Company. Top experts from the packaging industry will accompany each delegation to answer questions on products, technology and machinery.

Treasure Hunt
Visitors to SinoCorrugated 2013 will be able to join the show’s Treasure Hunt. To take part in the activity and receive a treasure map, visitors first need to download the official SinoCorrugated app (for iPhone and Android). Upon receiving the map, they can follow the directions to find all the treasure locations and scan the required QR codes at these points. Players who successfully complete these tasks get entered into a lucky draw to win a brand new iPad mini.

All the fantastic activities set for China Corrugated Industry Training Week offer visitors engaging and diverse ways to take part in SinoCorrugated 2013. Attendees will learn the latest show news and technologies, while getting updates on valuable market information they will help participants make informed investment and development decisions for their companies. Through its scale, scope and resources, SinoCorrugated 2013, the biggest corrugated industry trade show anywhere in the world this year, will drive the development of the corrugated manufacturing industry worldwide.

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