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1 Apr 2013, 9:21 Joyce1988

Sino Mould can supply PET plastic molding line, like the PET perform plastic mould ,PET plastic cap injection mould, PET plastic test tube mould and PET syringe mould and so on. Also we can offer PET special injection molding machine. This kind of the injection molding machine is designed for PET plastic products on the base of standard plastic injection machine. Here, I will give a introduction for PET plastic test tube mould:
PET plastic test tube mould size: 0.5~60 ml.
PET plastic test tube mould cavities:8~64 cavities.
PET plastic test tube mould cavity and core steel: tempered S136
PET plastic test tube mould gate way: Anole hot runner system point gate
PET plastic test tube mould surface treatment: mirror polish
PET plastic test tube mould structure: cavity and core self-locking system and same part can be interchangeable.
PET plastic test mould lifetime: 3000K.
Sino Mould provide almost 50 sets of plastic test tube mould for the worldwide market and our main inport country is Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Mexico and so on. If you need high quality and high effective plastic test tube mould ,welcome to contact us.

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18 Sep 2013, 16:14 Omtro123

Hi, I want to introduce you to The OMTRO Team. We are a team of creative and enthusiastic product designers, engineers and manufacturing specialists that create thought-out and radical products for a global audience. With an exceptionally fast turnaround from approval of engineering drawings to creating production injection molding tooling. The OMTRO team of product designers, engineers and manufacturing specialists manages direct manufacturing of finished products, components and parts for a wide range of European based companies wanting to use the advantages of manufacturing in China.
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5 Dec 2014, 10:18 Foxconnmold

Ningchuan Metal Products Co., Ltd. (NCH) product design complexity and accuracy is essential, automotive tooling and design, offering a wide range of precision CNC machining capacity to meet tight tolerances and demanding needs. Our precision CNC machining services include: high-speed CNC machining, CNC vertical milling machine, CNC lathe / turning, wire cutting, high precision surface grinding machine parts, and micro-drilling.

Our precision CNC machining team can help you with every stage of your project, we provide prototyping, parts manufacturing, assembly and complete product total solutions, all manufacturing equipment in our specialized machinery and molds. Our experts can begin to complete the product design work to ensure the highest accuracy to meet the requirements of each. Our clean and organized processing plant with the most advanced equipment to handle almost any precision CNC machining state needs. We are a single source for your precision CNC machining!

We are willing to cooperate with several parts, depending on the stage of the project thousands of people. Sometimes we will need our customers to move to high-volume processing machine or prototype before shaping. If you can lower the amount of products can be used for product development, quality is very important, and to ensure that product specifications produce thousands of products, and to prepare a comprehensive listing of refinement before.

CNC machining, we have the importance of advanced machinery and equipment to our customers needs. We regularly invest in advanced equipment and precision CNC machining, and our high-speed machine can operate at up to 36,000 RPM's! These allow us to take advantage of high-speed micro-precision cutting machine. We also have more than one wire EDM and accurately meet almost all of the processing needs of traditional EDM.

From processing to the molding to the assembly of products, we can provide a complete in-house solutions that will solve your design or manufacturing problems. Our experts enjoy working with the project from start to finish, ensuring accuracy and efficiency were optimized.

And mold manufacturing, mold design Metro and good complexity and precision CNC machining as well. Our ability to work on complex parts is obvious, when we sometimes do high tolerance manufacturing, our customers need only supplier. Our work reflects the high accuracy and great quality. Surgical instruments, medical equipment and fuel cell plates are just some of our outstanding performance in both precision CNC machining precision products.

In addition to precision CNC machining, high speed machining, wire cutting, forming, we can assemble, and can even help distribute your products. Let us tell you how Metro Mold & Design can become your single source distributor of value-added supplier of manufacturing, assembly and products.

For more information contact NCH Precision


and design, or request a quote today high precision surface grinding machine parts business and micro-drilling.

15 Jan 2016, 11:36 Edwardbrooks

These people are professionals when it come to injection moulding you can visit their website for more info hope i have offered some help

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