A plastic that remembers

22 Jun 2012, 0:00 Plastech

Bayer MaterialScience and BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing develop shape memory polymer from thermoplastic polyurethane. A plastic that remembers read>>

10 Aug 2012, 14:03 *.198.23.82

If you have ever had a TPU case, this one is typical in feel and fit. In fact, the TPU-cases fit is perfcet in every way. The necessary cut-outs for the camera, mic, and power button are spot on for the Sprint Galaxy II S Epic 4G Touch. I like the fact that the recessed power button has a cut-out hole because it is used so often. On the other hand, the volume rocker, which sticks out slightly, is covered by the case. The look is a bit different because you can order matte backs. This is similar to the difference between the Sprint Evo backs that have a rubbery substance on them and the Samsung Nexus backs that have glossy plastic. At TPU-cases, you have a really large selection of designs and textures. I like the different matte look, and TPU are my favorite case type because they are the least intrusive, fitting tight against the phone while having a soft feel. They are easily removed for battery replacement, and you don't feel as if you might break the case at any second as you do with hard cases that have small plastic prongs holding the case together. The nice thing is that the TPU cases are inexpensive, so you can swap out the look and feel anytime you want. Finally, I have found any type of hard case to eventually scratch glossy phones. (No matter how careful you are, small pieces of dirt and sand wedge between the case and the phone.) Not so with TPU cases. I compare the difference between TPU cases and hard cases to the difference between a condom and a chastity belt: They are both effective, but one is much more comfortable.

4 Sep 2012, 11:56 AltheaBreint

Thanks for the post. I would prefer to the strong plastic.

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