iA Recycling - Garbage and Recycling Toronto

iA Recycling Inc. provides efficient recycling services in Toronto. We convert 90% of waste from landfills. You can always recycle more than you think.

Address details:

Str. 1909-1911 Albion Road
Canada, M9W 5S8 Toronto

If you are worried because of huge landfill around your locality; iA Recycling Inc. would be the exact place to contact to let them know about the landfill waste. The team of experts will visit the place to collect the waste to make effective use of waste. We are specialized in cardboard, paper, metal and plastic recycling. Our recycling services are second to none in Toronto! Pleasingly, our team is not only talented but experienced as well in this particular field of recycling. We are exactly located at 1909-1911 Albion Road, Toronto, ON, M9W 5S8. Contact us as soon as possible for help.
Our Services Included:
1. Metal Recycling.
2. Card Board Recycling.
3. Paper Recycling.
4. Plastic Recycling.