the pipes manufacturer from plastic materials is one of the leading companies among the companies operating within this field. It offers its customers complete solutions concerning outer and inner water installations, gas installations, central heating, pressure and gravitational sewerage

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Str. Garbarska 41
Poland, 32-340 Wolbrom

The basic raw material to ZINPLAST plastic material systems are (PE) and (PP) that has been well acclaimed in Poland for many years.

Half of the global PE production has been made use of to extrude the pressure pipes with multipurpose usage. No need to wonder, since PE is the material that is more durable and ecological than the materials used before: cast iron, stoneware or concrete.

Unquestionable (PE) and (PP) pipes and installation fittings profits are the following:

• durability (depending on usage destination even to 100 years);
• light weight and flexibility enabling assembly, transport, storage;
• hundred per cent leak-tightness;
• low resistance to flow;
• high resistance to dynamic load;
• low thermal conductivity that minimizes heat losses, not requiring insulation;
• corrosion and aggressive substances including chemicals resistance;
• noise control during substance flow or during hydraulic impact;
• easy, fast and cheap assembly (including a few coupling ways: welding or mechanical coupling by means of wide fittings range);
• non-toxicity,
• recycling possibility