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Pyrolysis equipment for waste tyre (rubber), waste plastics and waste oil

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We specialize in manufacturing pyrolysis equipments for waste tyre, waste plastic and waste oil...
And we are able to provide turn key project of relevant waste recycling plant.

The recycling machine is mainly used to extract fuel oil, carbon black, steel from plastic scrap, used tire or other rubber products.
For tyre pyrolysis plant, output ratio:
tyre oil: 40%~45%
steel wire: 15%~20%
carbon black: 30%~35%
other gas/residua 2% ( can be used as fuel gas to heat the reactor)

For waste plastics pyrolysis:
The extraction rate of oil: 70-91%
carbon black:0.9-12%
And the type of the plastic can be recycled to oil by using the waste plastic recycling machine:
PP (poly propylene): small containers, pp bands,CD/DVD cases etc.
PE (poly ethylene): shopping bags, PET bottle caps, etc.
PS (poly styrene): disposable food package, expanded polystyrene etc