Zakład Przetwórstwa Tworzyw Sztucznych Zofia Duława

We are a family company operating in the plastics industry since 1982.

Address details:

Str. Jesionowa 5, Kiczyce
Poland, 43-430 Skoczów

We are a family company operating in the plastics industry since 1982.

The first details we made were dedicated to agricultural and construction industry. In 1989 we started production for the fire industry. Fixed fire extinguishers equipped with our products are spread all over the Europe. We are constantly developing this sector of our activity. It was the same year when we started to cooperate with motor companies. Another stage of our activity was production in favour of construction industry in Norway and German agriculture. Growth of an offer was accompanied by a range of investments what turned into new headquarters in 2001 and a brand new warehouse in 2006. The new century was the time of challenges and creation to satisfy needs of other sectors as well. We started to produce details for handheld power tools and microprocessor-based devices, moreover, we provide the company which produces billiard tables and other pub games with our experience and knowledge.

We offer products of plastic (thermoplastics) of areal weight from 0,002 kg up to 1 kg. We pay much attention to quality thus we are in course of machine background modernization. We are interested in the highest standard only and this is how we cooperate with ARBURG company. Attempts are made to acquire European funds for our purposes.

Our company is open to new challenges. We invite you to cooperation.