Zahoransky Group

Provider in the area of machine construction and autmation techniques

Address details:

Str. Anton-Zahoransky Strasse 1
Germany, 79674 Todtnau-Geschwend

For over 100 years, the Zahoransky name has stood for reliability, precision and sophisticated technology. The constantly increasing demands made by customers is the motor that drives the innovative, rapid and extremely sucessfull development of ZAHORANSKY. What was once a small, family-run operation has grown into a full-fledged enterprise with operations spanning the globe.

While over the years the scope of the business has changed, the love of technology and perfection has remained strong through the generations. Around 600 employees at 9 locations take care about it.

As a supplier for

•injection moulds
•automation systems
•blister packing machines
•production lines for toothbrushes
•brush making machines
•mascara and interdental brush machines