Yile Tech. Co.Ltd

YICKLEE TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED YILE is an injection mould making and molding factory, with 10,000 SQM workshops in Shenzhen, China.

Address details:

Str. Time City,Nanshan district
China, 518054 ShenzheN

YILE engaged in mold field since 1998. Compared with our rivals, we have advantages as follow:

1: Scaled workshop.

Our facilities include 5 sets CNC, 12 sets EDM, 9 sets Wire Cutting, 4 sets inspection appliance, 63 sets injection machine which including 9 sets vertical type and maximal to 720 tons, sizeable assembly line etc. Our full range capability will offer strong supporting especially when you try to expand large market.

2: Professional services.

YILE have built a long time partnership with many international enterprises. Our staff has been well trained to meet their strict requirements. Our excellent project/product/mould engineers will work as an integer, and eliminate all the unstable factors early in the design stage.

3: Best communication.

Our oversea sales and project engineer possess of excellent English skills, you are free to contact them by TEL, SKYPE, MSN or E-mail, and they will work as customer’s representative. Your project will work in YILE the same as it works in your home.

4: Prompt lead time with reasonable price.

We have changed to full 3D work since 3 years ago, which will reduce 3-5 working days compare with traditional 2D work. It also help to perceive latent bug. We stock HASCO and DME standard components in factory. We have built stable supply chain in our region. Our experience plus effective working methods can great reduce the cost, time and physical force. You shall know more after you work with us.

5: Strict quality assurance.

YILE is an ISO 9001:2000 certificated factory, please login www.yiletech.com/qc.asp to view our inspection facilities and ISO certificate. The 3D coordination system measuring machines are including MITUTOYO BEYOND CRYSTA C and MITUTOYO BH30S.

The moulds we made are particularly attractive to customers from American and European markets with the best price, sound quality and good delivery. We are sure that our cooperation will be as nice as those we dealt with. For more information about us please login www.yiletech.com .