Wit Mold Limited

Professional plastic injection mold maker

Address details:

Str. BinHai Road
China, 518101 Shenzhen

WIT Mold limited is a professional mold maker located in the south of China. With a skilled and well trained team of engineers and support staff, we specialize in making different kinds of injection molds for exporting worldwide, including:
Common custom plastic molds
High precision molds
High Cavitation Injection Molds
Large size molds
Two Shot Molds
Unscrewing Molds
Gas Assist Molds
Die Casting tools

Our mission at WIT Mold is to make every project a success. Each mold benefits from our precise attention to detail guaranteeing quality and performance every time. We provide support to customers from a diverse range of industries including Automotive, Medical, Household appliances, Packaging, Telecommunications and Industrial tools. We are proud of our ability to produce molds for such a range of products and believe what we do can add more value to life. Wit Mold, Mold Colorful Life!
Let the team at WIT Mold help make your next project a success!