Westgate Factory Dividers

Factory Divider Supplier

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Str. Westgate Group
United Kingdom, ST16 3EA Stafford

First established in 1977, the company Westgate Factory Dividers supply and install a vast range of temporary and permanent partitions, screens, curtains and doors for large industrial locations.

While Westgate Factory Dividers have a range of segregation and doorway solutions that will suit most applications, the company is not afraid to go back to the drawing board, and design a personalised system that is unique and bespoke to their customer’s needs. With almost every installation differing in size and specification, Westgate Factory Dividers have become leaders in the field of providing custom engineered solutions for industrial environmental control.

Environmental control – contain dust, overspray, fumes and odours
Energy conservation – reduce heated or conditioned air loss
Noise control – reduce airborne sound transmission
Aesthetics – create visual barriers
Weather protection – external screening solutions


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