Weihai Pecno NC Machinery Co. Ltd.

well-known Chinese producer of die cutters

Address details:

Str. 109 Heping Road
China, 264200 Shandong

Weihai Pecno NC Machinery Co. Ltd. is a well-known Chinese producer of die cutters. Founded in 1958, it is a state-owned enterprise that is authorized to export and import. It is also a key company in China’s precision machine tool accessories system. As one of China’s first producers of flatbed die cutters, Weihai Pecno started using advanced international die cutter manufacturing technology as early as 1977. The company’s tiger mouth flatbed die cutter is one of its most well-known and highly regarded products.

After three decades of improvement and innovation, during which time the die cutter’s security, ease of operation, stability, durability and cutting force have all undergone several upgrades, the product remains unique in the domestic industry, due to its distinctive structure. It is also widely trusted by users. The die cutter is especially adapted to perform the varied small batch production required by small and medium-sized companies.

To meet market demand and sustain the development of the company and its products, Weihai Pecno has recently produced the auto flatbed die cutter WPMQ1060. No sooner had the equipment been launched, did the product gain widespread market acclaim.


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