Ultra System S.r.l.

Development and production of purging compounds in chips, consultancy in plastic

Address details:

Str. Strada Statale per Voghera 25/B
Italy, 15057 Tortona

The initial aims of the company were to carry out development, research and updating of products for the cleaning of injection presses, extruders, blowing machines and film blowing plants: in fact the presence and the use of plastic materials with new chemical formula on one side, and the requirement of industries for new specific products on the other side, need a continuous research and development.
Today Ultra Plast is a well known brand worldwide and Ultra System as a producer of only purging compound is considered a reliable supplier for the solution of any purging/cleaning issue in material processing ; we can offer specific products depending on the industrial sector, at packaging industry, medical/pharmaceutical and cosmetics, automotive, electrical and household appliance industries.