Troton Sp zo.o.

Car painting materials, yachting paints and fillers

Address details:

Str. Ząbrowo 14a
Poland, 78-120 Gościno

Troton - since 1978 producer of paints and putties for automotive refinish. Over time, the offer was extended to a number of complementary accessories, products and tools used in paint shops. Troton offers products under the brands InterTroton and Master.
Since 2009, to the company's portfolio was add Sea-Line fillers and yachting paints.

Sea-Line® is modern and efficient yachting paint and fillers comprising a complete system designed to build, repair, maintenance of yachts and boats.
Production include:
- epoxy primers for protects boat surfaces from the effects of destructive activities osmosis and corrosion
- epoxy fillers for refilling and to tackle inequalities caused by damage to or during the course of production
- polyurethane topcoats varnishes which provide an aesthetic and a perfect look of the boat also protective against water and UV radiation
- resins recommended for laminating, gluing and sealing defects
- polishing compounds effectively remove scratches, refresh the color of gelcoat or paint, fast shine effect

Sea-Line yachting paints and fillers in combination with technical support and readable instruction, ensures you easy work, long lasting effect and stress-free recreation.

Sea-Line® provides its customers the world class services in terms of product reliability, delivery on time, quality and innovative technology. Our goal is to build long term relationship with our existing and new customer by understanding their requirement and reaching their specification beyond limitation.


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