Trellis Earth Products

Manufacturer of branded bioplastic food containers and plastic bags

Address details:

Str. 9125 SW Ridder Road Suite D
United States of America, 97070 Oregon

Reducing petroleum in packaging reduces our consumption of oil, which is the primary objective of Trellis's product line -- and the objective of sustainability.

Trellis addresses this and the desire of consumers and municipalities to have toxin-free, zero waste management programs that are "sensibly green" and thereby helps food service companies lower their carbon footprint.

The values incorporated by Trellis Earth®

Reduce / Replace the use of petrochemicals in plastics with sustainable materials and biodegradable blends.
Minimize our use of food stocks while maximizing our commitment to sustainability.
Minimize the carbon footprint of our product in real terms, cradle to grave.
Support innovations in recycling and Zero Waste Initiatives.
Eliminate heavy metals or toxins from food packaging.
Deliver earth-friendly food packaging alternatives that meet the markets demand in both product performance and price!


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