Tragon P.P.H.U.

Conveyor systems, conveyor belts, belt conveyors, Rubber hoses, Compensators

Address details:

Str. Lubcza
Poland, 33-162 Lubcza

Our company functions at the Polish and European market providing technical and business consulting for the next industries:

- mining,
- construction,
- steel,
- cement,
- agriculture,
- recycling (processing and disposal of waste),
- wood,
- chemical,
- production and packing.
We would like to offer our assistance and cooperation based on the following steps:

- designing of belt conveyors,
- construction of individual and complex lines,
- designing, construction and delivery of machinery,
- Repair service for end-products

Also we'd like to offer the range of conveyor belts:

- GENERAL (Y-type), (EP, PP) textile – rubber conveyor belts for general use,
- ABRASION-RESISTANT (W-type), (EP, PP) textile – rubber conveyor belts,
- HIGHLY-ABRASION-RESISTANT (W-type), (EP, PP) textile – rubber conveyor belts,
- RESISTANT TO FATS AND OILS type MOR, Oil, (EP, PP) textile – rubber conveyor belts,
- FOR HEIGHTENED TEMPERATURES in the range of T150⁰C, T200⁰C, to allow transport hot product,
- WITH CLEATS, conveyor belt with cleats vulcanized during the production, mounted by gluing or vulcanization,
- FOR INCLINED TRANSPORT, specially equipped with additional elements including different cleats such as “Chevron” and sidewalls,
- ELEVATOR BELTS, for lifting, equipped with buckets,
- PUNKTURE-RESISTANT belts with a special steel mesh and breaker in the top of undercover (or in the both at the same time),
- WITH STEEL CORDS, only performed basing on special order and customer specifications.