Titech by Tomra Sorting Solutions

Sorting, NIR, Automation

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Str. Otto-Hahn-Str. 6
Germany, 56218 Mülheim-Kärlich

TITECH by TOMRA Sorting Solutions has pioneered the automation of waste sorting and is known as the world leader in this field. Founded in 1993, TITECH developed the world’s first NIR (Near InfraRed) sensor for waste sorting applications. With a strong focus on R&D (Research & Development), TITECH continues to spearhead the development of this market by offering cutting edge technology for the sorting of recyclables.
Today there are more than 3000 TITECH units in operation in 40 countries. Right from the start, TITECH has invested substantial resources in developing sorting technology geared to the needs of a changing world. Waste handling is one of the most severe environmental issues facing our society, and TITECH contributes to tackling this problem by fulfilling one of the most important steps in the recycling chain: providing pure fractions for material and energy recycling.