Tip-Top Artur Komorowski F.H.P.

Produce and sell of furniture fittings. Furniture accessories

Address details:

Str. Św. Rocha 87
Poland, 42-200 Częstochowa

The Tip-Top company was founded in 1994 as a manufacturer of furniture accessories. Our long-term market presence as well as high requirements of our consumers became the reason why our products are extremely popular.
For many years we have been cooperating with customers in the domestic and international markets, and our highly professional staff and large production capacities help us fulfill individual orders.
In our catalog you can also find furniture accessories from the leading producers. Please, visit our store where you will be able to find a wide range of furniture handles from GAMET NOMET, SCHWINN, as well as SIRO. Besides, you can purchase finishing film and furniture sleepers from THERMOPLAST.
We also offer the complete range of furniture supports (table, wardrobe legs) that come in different sizes and shapes. Besides, we offer halogen lamps and lamps which use LED technology.
We also have metal boxes and baskets for kitchen furniture and fitted wardrobes. And we have different types of guides for drawers and a complete range of Italian furniture hinges from FGV.
In our offer you can also find such fittings as plugs, pegs, bars, brackets, filling knives, furniture wax, screws, and wooden pins – everything to top up our commercial offer and meet the customers' requirements.