Plasma & Corona Treaters

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Str. Industrivej 6
Denmark, 6640 Lunderskov

Activity description

The Tantec Group is a privately held company founded in 1974 and owned by Morten Thrane and Kim Saabye. We are a leading manufacturer of standard and customised Plasma and Corona systems for the surface treatment of plastics and metals to enhance adhesion properties. Our innovative organisation offers a high level of know-how, continuously developing new Plasma and Corona equipment to help solve adhesion problems, and to meet high customer demands. Tantec surface treaters are sold worldwide to end-users and OEMs via our own branch offices and more than 30 partners.

What is Plasma and Corona Surface Treatment?

It is often necessary to bond plastic materials to metals or other plastic materials, or simply to print on a plastic surface. To do this successfully, the liquid adhesive, or ink, should be able to wet the surface of the material. Wettability depends on one specific property of the surface: surface energy, also often referred to as surface tension. The poor wettability of polymers presents the designer with the problem of bonding or decorating these materials. Surface treatment can improve the wettability of the material by raising its surface energy, positively affecting adhesive characteristics by creating bonding sites. The most advanced and successful surface treatment methods are based on the principle of high-voltage discharge in air – Plasma or Corona treatment