TBMA Europe

Components for solids handling; rotary valves, diverter valves , Big bag emtying and filling systems, bagslitters and samplers

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Str. Delfweg 18
Netherlands, 2211 VMC Noordwijkerhout

TBMA is specialised in Dry Solids Handling and delivers components for processing plants to a variety of industries. TBMA has designed and developed an extensive range of standard processing equipment with proven reliability in practice. If you have special demands or if you are unsure if our standard processing equipment can meet your specifications, TBMA can offer you a complete test facility for assessing customer requirements before making appropriate recommendations on the equipment required for any future installation.
With its sophisticated systems and bulk handling equipment, TBMA have successfully completed turn-key projects in the chemical, paint, ink, food, plastic, cement, dairy and compounding industries. Installations have called for design and manufacture of equipment for storage, conveying, dosing, feeding, discharging, weighing, dedusting, and mixing of both
TBMA can make the difference!