Summit Europe CV

a leading global supplier of aerosol valves

Address details:

Str. Damsluisweg 12
Netherlands, 1332 EC Almere-Buiten

With five fully operational plants strategically positioned around the map, Summit is quickly becoming a leading global supplier of aerosol valves. Summit’s newest manufacturing plant in Tarnow, Poland signifies its commitment to the demands of the European Aerosol Market for service and quality.

Summit’s strategy is simple: Quality, Service, and Low Cost. To attain these goals we believe in forging a close working relationship with our customers, resulting in a more strategically driven supply chain. Every facet of our organization is designed for performance based on the end-to-end satisfaction of our customers.

Summit’s internal supply chain is committed to excellence and quick response times. As a vertically integrated company we push the limits of low cost high quality production making us one of the top suppliers of aerosol valves world wide.