Start Ukraine

Market Entry Consultancy

Address details:

Str. 39 Naberezhno-Khreshchatyts'ka str.
Ukraine, 04070 Kyiv

Start Ukraine Ltd provides comprehensive support when entering the markets of Northern, Southern, Western and Eastern Europe.
Our services include:
-selecting a country for exports
-analysis of requirements to foreign providers
-market overview (competitors offers, retail and wholesale prices, sales channels, potential partners, cooperation conditions, clients expectations etc)
-selecting the best foreign partner
-partner’s reputation check
-support in long-term sales organization

The benefits of dealing with us:
-our consultants are located in the destination countries, so they know the local language and local business-culture
-we have good top-management level relationships in various market segments
-we give precise answers as what to do to make sales development successful
-our clients receive latest information regarding the destination market and the needs of the market players
-we only concentrate on finding truly interested companies to be your partners