Machinery for paper cones, tubes, cores, edge protector, composite cans, pulp moulding

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Str. 428, Mettupalayam Road
India, 641043 Coimbatore

K.U. Sodalamuthu and Company Private Limited has been the pioneer in the field of automatic paper conversion machinery for textile paper cones, paper tubes, paper cores, edge boards, edge protectors, paper recycling, fiber drums, composite cans, paper cans, pulp moulde products etc. It is the largest Indian manufacturer & exporter of paper conversion machinery, under its brand name - Sodaltech.

Our Machinery :
Automatic paper cone making plant, paper cone finishing machine, paper cone winder, paper tube machine, paper core machine, paper core polishing machine, automatic core cutter, automatic tube finishing machine, spiral paper tube winder, parallel paper tube winder, slitter rewinder machine, composite can machine, paper can machine, fibre drum making plant, edge protector production line, rotary pulp moulding machine, hot press machinery, egg tray machine, paper recycling machine.


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