Sirvanli Aluminum Casting and Metal Processing Industry Inc.

Sirvanli Aluminum Casting and Metal Processing Industry Inc.

Address details:

Str. Gebze Kucuk sanayi yani
Turkey, 41400 Kocaeli

he company aims to productiona wooden model, at the beginning of the year 1990 using aluminium sand casting to automotive main industry, the automotive parts industry and other sectors to produce.

Towards the middle of 1990 aluminium gravity casting and metal injection casting methods with existing and new customers have started to produce parts.
In 1999, the 1500 square meters of Gebze Hasköy Smelter Site has been moved to a new plant.

Mold production, processing and sand blasting icluding the units in the field of activity was an integrated plant.

In 2005, parallel to developments in the automotive sector, has received a new plant investment decisions.
GEBZE, small industrial area of 9000 square meters of new plant construction has been started.
In the second quarter of 2009, the new plant will continue operations.


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