Shwerdtle Stamp Company

complete line of foil marking dies

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Str. 166 Elm Street
United States of America, CT 06604 Bridgeport

Schwerdtle has over 125 years of engraving and die making experience and has been serving satisfied customers since 1879.

For plastic products, we offer a complete line of foil marking dies including
  • Silicone Rubber Hot Stamping Dies, Rolls and Sheet Stock
  • Engraved Brass and Steel Hot Stamping Dies
  • Etched Magnesium Hot Stamping Dies
  • Matched sets of Hot Stamping Dies and part-holding Fixtures
Schwerdtle provides marking solutions. Our dies decorate or mark a variety of products including cosmetic containers, industrial tools, medical and research equipment, electronic parts, appliances and automotive parts. With over 125 years of experience and the latest technology, we are ready to help you make an impression you can be proud of.