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Str. Da Dianzi village Dongling street Dongling district Shenyang city
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Shenyang Wensheng Instrument and Equipment Co.,Ltd is a joint-stock company in one of production and researching. It is a professional manufacturer of the equipments of petroleum and natural gas pipelines (non-standard). In the last ten years, we focus on researching and producing the equipments of petroleum and gas pipelines (non-stand), provide the whole sets of pigging instruments of long pipes, insulating joints and separating/percolating instruments for customers and complete before-sale and after-sale service; such as business consulting, equipment setting, installing and debugging, technology training, supplying the spare parts and expert guidance, etc.
Through accumulating these experience and getting the information while the customers using the instruments, our productions have better quality after improve the technological level. The main technical index and capability have researched advanced standard. The LSM paddle wheel type translational sealing quick opening blind plate (patent number: ZL03210870.2), supporting wheeled pigging (patent number: ZL01212169.X) and variable diameter pigging (patent number: ZL03210871.0) have won kinds of state patents. Our company has obtained IOS9001:2000 certification in 2003 and got the entrance permission for material market of oil fields and gas fields in China. The productions are widely used in many engineering projects, such as south oil to north in the project of Huabei Petroleum and the modification work of China navy 118 and so on.