Seiki Corporation

Systems for all kinds of thermoplastic resin

Address details:

Str. 4364 Katako,Bansei-cho
Japan, 992-1125 Yonezawa-city, Yamagata

Seiki Corporation, an all-round manufacturer of runnerless equipment, continuously provide each customer in plastic and rubber molding industries with the best solution along with a close partnership.

As a hot runner pioneer Seiki can meet customer's various kinds of needs quickly.
We have high seeds, wealth of experience and full product line-up.

Both Seiki's Valve system and Spear System work for all kinds of thermoplastic resin.
Our original design always keeps hot runner part in even temperature distribution.
Its system principle solves typical problems related to hot runner such as material burning, material leakage, gate clogging, stringing,
drooling, gate balancing, troublesome maintenance.