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Ultrasonic welding

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Str. Odborárska 52
Slovakia, P.O.BOX 24 Bratislava

The company S poweR product s.r.o. since its inception in 1994 ( with a tradition since 1990) focused on its own development and manufacturing of electronic equipment. These include a few original Slovak companies in the development and manufacture of ultrasonic generators and now the emitters, transducers, sonotrodes (tools) and their applications.

The own corporate development is a very strong side particularly in terms of adaptation of ultrasonic technology to customer.

In the field of ultrasound are leading our products:

ultrasonic welders
ultrasonic cutters
ultrasonic cleaners
ultrasonic reactors and services:

ultrasonic cutting
ultrasonic welding
ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic welding

Plastics in various forms are increasingly used to manufacture finished products and replaced materials (especially metals). At the mounting and jointing of the plastics ultrasound is irreplaceable in some cases. Basically is possible to joint plastics with ultrasonic welders by riveting and welding. At riveting the ultrasound melted rivet and parts are tightly linked. Ultrasonic welding melts the plastic material and there is a connection of the parts.
Weld can be other materials such as leather – plastic, paper - plastic and so on. Shapes of welds can be spot, square, rectangular and “endless”.

For your application we offer:

ultrasonic generators for welders
ultrasonic transducers
ultrasonic welding tools – sonotrodes of various shapes
ultrasonic hand-operated welders
automatic ultrasonic welding machines

For your applications it is supposed to use ultrasonic welding for weldability tests of subjects, evaluate the quality of welds, cadence and so on. If interested, you can use ultrasonic welding as a service.

Our ultrasonic welders work in the automotive industry in VDI Nitra, Kongsberg Automotive s.r.o., in the poultry industry for welding plastic straps, for welding chip cards and so on.

Ultrasonic cutting

The main advantages of ultrasonic cutting include:

no lefts-over from cutting (unpolluted environment )
the cut required less power than cutting with conventional blade
possibility to cut also products made from measures of materials with different hardness
possibility to cut also material which is not possible to cut with conventional blade
much higher cutting speed
excellent cutting soft or fragile materials in the food industry

For your application we offer:

ultrasonic generators for cutters
ultrasonic transducers
ultrasonic cutting tools – sonotrodes ( from smallest “blade” shape to a few centimeters wide)
ultrasonic hand-operated cutting systems
ultrasonic cutting systems with the possibility of mounting the manipulator arm and coordinate systems

Cutting tests can show you directly in your production or on samples in our company.

Our major customers include Continental matador Rubber s.r.o., where they are cutting unvulcanized rubber tires on production lines with our ultrasonic cutting system. These lines are working in Slovakia and also abroad.

Ultrasonic cleaning

The basis of ultrasonic cleaning is a effect called cavitation (cavitation - microscopic hydrodynamic cavity which is created in fluid at intense local ambient). Due to cavitation is corrupted connection between cleaned surface and dirt and then the dirt is removed. Cavitation is in total volume of liquid therefore the ultrasonic cleaning is suitable for cleaning of complicated shape units.

For your application we offer:

ultrasonic generators ( 25 kHz to 130 kHz )
ultrasonic emitters – membranes ( 25 kHz to 130 kHz )
ultrasonic bar emitters
compact ultrasonic cleaners
custom ultrasonic cleaners
ultrasonic cleaners with flammable cleaning liquid
multiseptate ultrasonic cleaning systems

The basis of our solutions is application cleaning tests. The results will decide whether to purchase the technology. It is also possible to arrange the cleaning as a service.

Our ultrasonic generators and emitters work in cleaning tanks and lines for example in Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands, Russia.

Ultrasonic reactors

Among the new directions in the field of ultrasound include ultrasonic reactors and disintegrators. They are vessel or chambers (may also be continuous-flow) with intense ultrasound field, which positively affects on various chemical processes. For example, the mixing of different ingredients (oil – water), to accelerate chemical reactions (e.g. in the production of biofuels), change of viscosity and other properties of liquids and so on.